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The Foreign Ministry’s statement, “Crimea is Ukraine!”

Created: 2024.02.27 / Updated: 2024.03.01 15:45

On February 26, on the occasion of the Resistance Day to Occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the City of Sevastopol, together with Ukraine and its people, we say loudly to the whole world: “Crimea is Ukraine!”

Ten years ago, when Russian occupying forces appeared in Crimea as the so-called “Little Green Men” and started to seize buildings, critical infrastructure and military facilities of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol. We then urged the international community not to deceive themselves and call this act a true name. Both then and now, we condemned Russia’s occupation and illegal annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula as a gross violation of the fundamental norms of international law, as well as Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

As this year marks ten years of the occupation and annexation of Crimea, we are reminded of more than 50 years of Soviet occupation and annexation of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other states. We stress the importance of the policy of non-recognition of the unlawful annexation of the Crimean Peninsula and other territories of Ukraine and our resolve to help Ukraine restore the country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. All decisions of Russia’s central government and occupation administrations with respect to Crimea and other territories of Ukraine occupied by Russia are null and void. They do not now and will not create any legal consequences in the future after Ukraine regains its sovereignty in these territories.

We stand in solidarity with the Crimean Tatars and other inhabitants of the Crimean Peninsula and other territories of Ukraine occupied by Russia, who are resisting the occupation and are facing repression as a result. We urge Russia to immediately release all political prisoners and civilian hostages, as well as to comply with the norms of international humanitarian law regarding the treatment of the population of occupied territories, not to violate human rights, and to guarantee their fundamental rights and freedoms.

We call on international organisations to actively raise the issue of the occupation and illegal annexation of Crimea, to participate in the work of the International Crimea Platform, to help Ukraine in every way to restore its sovereignty on the Crimean peninsula and in the entire territory of Ukraine recognised by the international community.  

We demand that Russia should immediately cease its aggression against Ukraine and withdraw its forces from the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the city of Sevastopol, and other occupied and illegally annexed territories of Ukraine so that peace and security could be restored throughout Ukraine.

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine began 10 years ago in Crimea. It must end with the liberation of Crimea and other territories occupied by Russia.

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